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The Merkadia is a company that has a team with trained and qualified professionals. A company that always looks to launch promisors projects to the technological market. Currently located in Pompano Beach in Florida, US, the Merkadia is seeking innovation and partnership for web solutions. We work with developing custom software, websites and online store, government and cloud.

The Merkadia seeks with the clients discover their real needs, defining strategies and agile methods for problems solutions and innovations. Therefore, when we show a solution, it will be the best solution for your business growing up.

Meet and follow our job. Together we are going to achieve larges results for your organization!

Our team

With an interactive and collaborative way, our employees combine their talents to create great results. The Merkadia Internet always looks to improve and invest in knowledge for their employees. All employees have excellent qualification level; after all, in technology the largest masterpiece of a company is knowledge. Our team include masters, graduates, undergraduates and academics who are being studying in higher education within the area of technology. Feel confident with our work, we can ensure that we know what we are offering.

Our Value Proposition

We exist to use the technology to create innovative software solutions in the cloud to help the daily lives of people.

Social Responsibility

We believe that the social development of our country depends on public / private initiatives that ensure the sustainability of natural resources, well-being and improving the quality of the population’s life. All Merkadia Internet applications are hosted in data centers that fulfill the limits of regulated CO2 emissions by internationals agency. We constantly disclose our social reports for our clients.


Attracting new clients and offer the best solutions and achieve the satisfaction in all services.


Being a reference company in technology.


Commitment Professionalism
Social Responsibility


We offer complete management of digital presence, since the design creation, programming, monitoring, creation of online campaigns and managing social networks, helping to position brands in the digital world.

Website development and e-commerce:

Web Solutions

Interactive, responsive and usual options, with own content management, ensuring greater safety and facility of use to those who use them. We offer from small websites, for demonstration of products or services and contact forms, even as large projects with online sales options, communication with corporate internal system, options for exporting with multi-language option and multiple simultaneous accesses. We use Cloud technology to ensure safety and stability in the offered projects.

Development and maintenance of Fan Pages:

Have a Fan Page approaches your business from your target audience, publishing photos, videos, promotions, events, tips and product news in the major social networks.


Ads Management:


We create and monitoring of digital campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Investing in digital campaigns, your website traffic will increase and consequently converts visitors into customers. Investing in digital campaigns, your website traffic will increase and consequently converts visitors into customers. We create text or image ads, and choose the best keywords, region and target audience according to their product. We monitor the campaign daily to improve results and optimize investment.

We develop applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (many smartphones and tablets).


Through an application, a company can interact directly with your target audience enhancing sales and improving customer relationships. Your brand will be present in the world's largest app store, Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Our software is developed prioritizing the ease of use and adaptation to the user's work.


We develop software tailored according to the needs of our clients or provide through software licensing agreement our packaged solutions. Our software is available on the Internet, so it can be accessed from anywhere safely and are compatible with all operating systems on the market such as Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, Linux and others. Furthermorewe create integrations with existing systems to provide integrated features to the web-site of a company or to create new resources on the internet.

More flexibility, safety and security of the information stored and solutions.

Cloud Computing

Move your company to the clouds. Your information and systems can be accessed from anywhere, your application will run the same as they were installed on your internal network. With the use of Cloud Computing you can increase or decrease computing resources according to the growth of your business.


See the list of recent projects developed by Merkadia:

Aircraft Maintenance Software +
Aircraft Maintenance Software

The best software for managing routine tasks of aircraft maintenance company. Manage your aircraft maintenance company much more complete, simple, fast and efficient. Have complete control of services performed on aircraft, hours worked by mechanic, exchanged parts, problems encountered, discrepancy list, automatic creation of work orders integrated with QuickBooks, such as the work order label.

Visit the web-site: www.aircraftmaintenance.net

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